JMT 31. 7. 2019 – High Lake to Guyot Creek – 10.0 miles

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The second morning, after the routine including breakfast and tent takedown, I started at 7:30 am. Around 9 am I was close to the pass.

I weighted my opportunities to climb up to the top while waiting for my hiker friends from yesterday who had started a bit later. In such a situation it is better not to be solo.

I had heard from oncoming hikers that they had scrambled over rocks and/or snow on the right side. I prefered the center; there was a gap between the right of the two big rocks and the deeply frozen snow which could be reached without dangerous moves and then used to climb up like in a chimney, about 2…3 m high. One of the other hikers joined and helped me while the second prefered the right side. We all made it to the top.

Now the trail got easier, I hiked west on the Army Pass Trail to the PCT which I met before the Rock Creek ranger station. I followed the PCT further west.

I passed the campsite at the creek crossing (9.500 ft) down in a wood with many mosquitos and then bent to the North and went up to Guyot Creek (10.350 ft). There was a nice flat area a few 100 yards before the creek where I set up my tent after a total of 10 miles today.