JMT 3. 8. 2019 – Guitar Lake to Tyndall Creek – 12.5 miles

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The next challenge on my way to the north was Forester Pass. From Guitar Lake it was a bit too far for me to reach it in one day; my intention was to come as close as possible, for a crossing the next day before noon.

I started around 8:30 pm on the well known trail to Crabtree Meadow through rocks and wildflowers.

There I used the privy once more, and then followed 0.8 miles further west until the JMT meets the PCT and bends to north. Through Sandy Meadow the trail goes up and down a bit until it descends to Wallace Creek (10.400 ft).

After an easy ford I walked uphill again to the Bighorn Plateau (11.400 ft). The second ford, Tyndall Creek (10.900 ft), followed 4.5 miles later. Again no high water though it was already mid-afternoon. I even took photos while crossing.

Now I was at the final ramp up to Forester Pass. I walked up a short stretch until 11.400 ft and set up my tent there. So the uphill tomorrow morning will be no more than 2000 ft.