JMT 14. 8. 2019 – Senger Creek over Selden Pass to Bear Creek – 10.6 miles

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Today I should cross Selden Pass and then advance as much as possible towards the Mono Creek Trail junction.

The trail started in a pleasant way and passed the Sallie Keyes Lakes (10.200 ft). There I met a hiker who had the same pack as I do, the Seek Outside Divide 4500. On the whole trail I have seen only one more person with a pack from SO, who was a ranger.

In a slow ascent I passed then Heart Lake (10.500 ft) which again gave nice views. After Heart Lake the trail went up a bit steeper to Selden Pass (10.900 ft) but without switchbacks. And it was just 900 ft total elevation gain since the camp site – really easy compared to Muir Pass, no snow on trail.

I reached the top around 11:40 am, and stayed there for a short break. The view to the north was beautiful, and perfect weather.

One short snow patch of some 10 feet was all we had to cross on the way down. Then I walked along the western shore of the beautiful Marie Lake, forded some minor creeks, passed Upper Bear Creek Meadows and followed along the Bear creek down to 8950 ft where the Bear Creek Trail goes off the JMT to Mono Hot Springs. It was 5:30 pm then.

I continued one more hour until 6:30 pm, filled up my water bottles (3 l) on the way because it was a dry stretch the next miles, and finally set up the camp. I typically consume 1,5 to 2 l water for dinner and breakfast.

Tomorrow I need to walk only 6 miles to the ferry landing at Lake Edison.