Ounces, cubic ft, liquid qt, and more

I am European. And I am astonished every time I meet these USCS or imperial units more than 200 years after the French revolution which introduced the metric system in 1793, and in a country (USA) that has adopted a lot from these ideas, with the statue of Liberty as a symbol of this attachement.

Yes, other countries beside the USA also stick to these old-fashioned units. Namely, Liberia and Myanmar. Period. The rest of this world is metric.

And OK, there are some people who never really know if they want to be European or not, who also often don’t use the metric system though they adopted it officially long ago and started their metrication programme in 1965. Sorry for you, guys from UK.

Here I will use metric units. No ounces, no cubic ft, and no liquid qt either. The only exception are distance and height indications in miles and feet, to make them easily comparable with other sources.