Iceland’s Southern Highland in July/August 2021

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Active Volcano (1 day)

A new volcanic eruption started in March 2021 at the Fagradalsfjall mountain on the Reykjanes peninsula, not far from Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik.

This picture was shot from Reykjavik out of the window of my room, and you see the volcano fume at the horizon. But when we arrived two hours later there was no real activity anymore.

Fimmvördhuháls (2 days)

This trail starts close to the coast, at the huge Skogafoss waterfall, and passes between two glaciers, Eyjafjallajöküll and Mýrdalsjöküll. There has been volcanic acitvity in this area in 2010 which has created two new volcano cones, while few weeks later an outburst beneath the Eyjafjallajökül itself caused eruptions into the high atmosphere which stopped the air traffic over Western Europe for 5 days. – The trail ends in Porsmörk (Thor’s valley).

Laugavegur (4 + 1 days)

The most famous trail in Southern Iceland connects Porsmörk to Landmannalaugar with its scenic surroundings. All kinds of geothermal activity combine with colourful rhyolith mountains and black lava fields. In Landmannalaugar you can take a bath in a creek which mixes cold glacial with hot geothermal water.

Hellismannaleid (3 days)

This is a quiet trail over some hills and later vast plains. I met the first other hiker only the third day. While the trail leads until Leirubakki it is recommended to stop at Rjupnavellir which also has a bus connection back to Reykjavik.