JMT 23. 8. 2019 – Clouds Rest Trail junction to Happy Isles – 6.6 miles

(all images are clickable for a larger version)

The last day!

It was both the relief that I would finish the full trail in time, but it also means a good-bye. I started around 8 am. After half a mile I met the Half Dome Trail junction and then walked down the switchbacks. More and more day hikers came up the trail, and there was a large share of German and other European people.

While until yesterday everyone I had met greeted with a “howdy” or similar this was now over. It was more a highway than a trail. A bit after 10 am I crossed the Merced River over the Nevada Fall Bridge.

Later the trail even became paved for whatever reason. More and more and more day hikers. It felt strange after 3 weeks of relative solitude.

And finally I was down at Happy Isles! I searched for the well-know sign that lists all the trails, including the JMT, but did not find it. So I had to walk back a bit because I had passed it already while it is difficult to spot from its back side on the way down. And it was difficult again to explain to those helpful youngsters I had asked to shoot a photo how to use a real camera, they only knew their smartphones.

And here it is, the final photo of my 2019 JMT thru-hike!